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PAMA Excavations 2021 at Pattanam and Mathilakam

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Bridging the Past, Present and Future.

PAMA is a transdisciplinary research collective, registered as no-profit-educational Trust, to address the problems of shrinking academic vision, rigid knowledge boundaries, mechanistic career practices and fragmented scientific investigations. These limitations pre-empt transdisciplinary critical thinking and hamper the sublimity and balance of life. Multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches, which can open up or expand the horizons of research endeavours and methodologies, represent the vision of PAMA.


PAMA aims to offer short-term and long-term research fellowships, internships and space for critical collective thinking on diverse themes irrespective of the differences in disciplinary learning and practice.

The institute will undertake, a wide variety of research and allied activities that initially may include, archaeology, art, architecture, linguistics, literature, philosophy, anthropology, politics, religion, history, culture, caste, class, gender, ecology, environment, agriculture, science/technology and management; laboratory analysis, setting up of museums, libraries, historical and archaeological parks, heritage sites, conservation of heritage resources, providing consultancy services and publishing research output. This wide spectrum of interests only indicates the sensitivity of PAMA to the ever-expanding and open-ended potential of human cognitive resources and potential.

PAMA aims to facilitate self-driven scientific learning, relearning and unlearning through multi, inter and transdisciplinary methods.


To promote persuasive scientific methods in academic enquiries, learning and practices. Skeptical about the rigid, conventional pedagogic categorisation of knowledge domains into humanities, arts, technological, social and physical science, PAMA intends to sensitise the public on the common strand or method that runs across disciplines, which may be termed as science based, even while respecting the focus and methodological difference in discipline bound enquiries. PAMA is committed to seek practical alternatives by fostering such transdisciplinary scientific pursuits, scholarships and alternate ways of living and pursuing professions.