Romila Thapar & KN Panikkar Creative Academic Centre

Romila Thapar & KN Panikkar Creative Academic Centre

Searching the primitive mind - Anpu, Unma and Paasam

Creative Academic Centre dedicated to two eminent practitioners of historian’s craft and beyond.

Respectful and loving greetings to Prof Romila Thapar who turns 90 on 30 November 2021 and Prof K N Panikkar who turns 86 on April, 24, 2022.

Prof Romila Thapar
Prof Romila Thapar

Prof Romila Thapar Prof K N Panikkar

Prof RT and Prof KN were inspirational to PAMA’s formation and remain our constant ‘invisible’ patrons.

The initial step to create academic spaces dedicated to their life and contributions takes place on Nov 30th in PAMA’s annexe at Plot No 83, Periyar Gardens, GCDA Rd, Aluva. PIN 683108

This centre is expected to evolve into a comprehensive depository of their life and contributions. Archives/library of written, visual, audio and other digital resources, their artistic and other creative inclinations, etc. Facilities will be offered for learning, reimagining and for deep engagements with the insights, ideas, projects and vision they have laboured to bring forth.

Internships will be offered to critically engage with the outputs of their intellectual pursuits and to carry them forward in multiple creative modes and formats. The centre would also provide advanced multimedia facilities to explore, reimagine and recreate impressions of their lived experiences and thought processes.

You are welcome to contribute their works, articles, etc in your personal collection, to enrich the research resources of the centre.

PAMA wishes this information to reach more of those who might be curious to engage with the Creative Centre. Especially the young across disciplinary and career backgrounds.

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