PAMA New initiatives

PAMA will be an umbrella to different sorts of intellectual initiatives that would contribute to knowledge creation which would assist in positive social change. PAMA would welcome new academic initiatives that would enrich its vision with diverse transdisciplinary academic approaches. PAMA, in the long run, aspires to be the spring board of an evolving, open, multi-focused and inclusive academic culture.

Romila Thapar & KN Panikkar Creative Academic Centre

This centre is expected to evolve into a comprehensive depository of their life and contributions. Archives/library of written, visual, audio and other digital resources, their artistic and other creative inclinations, etc. Facilities will be offered for learning, reimagining and for deep engagements with the insights, ideas, projects and vision they have laboured to bring forth.

Periyar River Valley Surface Survey Project (PRVSSP)

The Pattanam archaeological research with the excavations conducted from 2007 to 2015 has generated evidence on the proliferation of an urban settlement in the Periyar delta region circa 2000 years ago. The project aims to take the lead forward and document the surviving historical, archaeological and anthropological evidence in the Periyar river valley region in order to explore the antecedents and extent of the Periyar River Valley Urban culture.
Second phase to be conducted in Periyar riverine panchayats of Vadakkekara, Chitaatukara, Chendamangalam, Puthanvelikara, Kottuvalli, Varaapuzha, Ezhikara, Kunnukara, Karumaalloor and Pallipuram, and in Aluva, Paravur municipalities. The first phase was completed during 2017 – 2018 in the areas of Kalady, Manjapra and Ayyambuzha panchayats

Rediscovering Ancient Tamilakam

Indian historiography has by and large treated the historical experience of peninsular India, compared to other regions, as secondary if not inferior. From mythological to colonial and post-colonial perceptions, this sub-ordination seems to have continued. The project aims to promote evidence-based-research on the ancient Tamilakam phase (5 th century BCE to 5century CE) of the Indian sub- continent. It involves a critical review and integration of the new sources to achieve a comprehensive and trustworthy understanding of the origin and growth of Ancient Tamilakam.

Pattanam Green Archaeology

PAMA is a nonprofit research institute managed by scientists and teachers. The centre at Pattanam aims to transform the globally important site of Muciri Pattinam or Muziris into a knowledge hub and world heritage science park.
PGA Project aims to proposes to transform Pattanam into a “little heaven” - where all common good may occur following people-centric, science-centric and eco-sensitive protocols PGA proposes to
1. No effort should be made to threaten or forcefully evict the residents from the Pattanam site. Instead partner the local community in multiple ways.
2. Make the local community award of its importance and encourage to be partners in excavations, organic cultivation of spices, medicinal plants, flowers and so on.
3. The women power of the village may be utilized through scheme like Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme, Kudumbasri, Ayalkoottam etc.
4. Excavations, eco sensitive farming, traditional fishing, weaving, carpentry, pottery, metal works, wholistic medical and educational practices etc may be encouraged through collaborative and scientific methods to improve the quality of life etc.

Partnership Assistance Programme. (PAP)

PAP offers various opportunities for enlightened and resourceful persons to involve or partner in PAMA’s various projects. The projects operate from two centers located at Pattanam near North Paravoor and Pallickal, near Kayamkulam.
As part of this you are welcome to partner to house a living museum at your ancestral home and involve in generating income through an imaginative curation of the archaeological evidence unearthed at Pattanam and her contemporary port sites from Gibraltar in the Mediterranean to Hepu site in South China Sea. You can partner with PAMA to invest for the noble cause of the conservation of Pattanam site by purchasing land at Pattanam in your name and lease it to PAMA till you personally need it. There are other avenues open for partnerships depending on your interest and resources.

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PAMA is a transdisciplinary research collective, registered as no-profit-educational Trust, to address the problems of shrinking academic vision, rigid knowledge boundaries, mechanistic career practices and fragmented scientific investigations


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